We are not the usual consulting house

We are much more than that. You don’t just get a supplier for the solution that you need right now. You get a partner, who can bring your company to new heights. We are called embrace-it, because we know that a sustainable business is much more than a solid bottom line. We embrace the world in our effort to make it a better place.

With many years of experience in wide-ranging industries, we help with everything from consulting services on an hourly basis to a collective responsibility for delivering an it-project and a dedicated team of handpicked specialist. Concurrently we develop our own software platforms, which strengthens our co-partners competitiveness.



 Usman Nasir – UX designer
”Embrace has a people driven culture with team members who are driven & notorious overachievers. I love my team and our work that challenges me every day. The best part about Embrace is, we look ahead to the future needs of the customers.”


Mubashira Izhar Senior QA engineer
”It’s a company that inspires me. It’s forward-thinking. I like the mindset, culture and value we give to our customers. I feel like part of something bigger. Investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me. ”


Tesa González – Chief Marketing Officer
”I am grateful to be part of a growing team, that values people both personally and professionally. Embrace enables you to create a healthy environment where tackling new challenges becomes easier because of the collaborating culture. I love seeing us achieve our personal and professional goals, together.”


Our global team of developers perform like no one else

We are driven by making the it-industry ethical, especially the ways in which it-projects are manned. For us, foreign labour isn’t reduced to a cheap alternative, but a condition for exchange and development. Instead of being passed around between developers, we tailor a dedicated team who will get to know our collaboration partners’ business inside out.

We are deeply engaged in working with equality and respect as the fundament for progress – this is why we ensure the best conditions for our employees, Danish as well as international. Empowerment is the keyword, which creates a great deal of ownership, engagement, and initiative.

Meet the embracers