We don’t compromise and we certainly don’t reset until we find the absolute best solution for our business partners.

We might get hired for a specific task, but end up going down the rabbit hole and get invited to strategy meetings. Why? Because we want to challenge you to think bigger, more scalable and long-term. We work holistically and embrace the entire company and its surroundings; so, we can figure out what our collaboration partner really needs, together.


Hourly consulting services

Do you need an extra pair of hands, a consultant, or a new strategist? No matter the need, our consulting can be a sparring partner on an hourly basis. But we warn you: once we are invited in, we are hard to let go. Most of our collaboration partners evolve into friendship and long-term strategic partnerships.


Responsible for delivering unified it-projects

We can plan, manage and execute any project – the size doesn’t matter. We can engage in projects where we are managing every step of the process, from start to finish. And we can bring the missing piece of your puzzle, while securing a safe implementation that makes a difference.


Your own global team of developers

Each partner is unique to us and deserves the best we can offer, that’s why you will get your own global team of developers at embrace-It, working for you only, who will learn your company by heart. Even though they aren’t sitting next to you, it won’t feel like that: “the developers are only working for you, and you get to know them so well that it feels like they are part of the house.” – Brian Rosenberg, CEO, CareLink

Together, we will handpick a team that will be the best fit for your company, your needs and technologies – and you don’t even need to worry about recruiting, training and administration.


Create your own team

Our co-workers are the most talented and committed people we know. They don’t just come to work for their paycheck. They want to create solutions, that change the world for the better. Together, we will handpick the talent you need to excel your company for your team.