Let’s help kickstart your idea

At embrace-it we love to see great ideas grow and make the world a better place. Do you need a partner to help you kickstart your business and ensure a positive impact? Look no further! We love to pave to way for new solutions that create value for others. That is why we like to help ambitious entrepreneur, whether it is financially, with consultancy assistance or manpower in development.

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How can your idea get through the eye of the needle?

We only engage in collaboration that have a strong common set of values, and this is with no exception. Before you apply, you should know which ideas we would love to support, and which don’t match our DNA

With us no dream is too big, no project is too difficult and no goal is unreachable. As long as we lift together, everything is possible.

  • Ideas that would help the world become a greener place, which integrate sustainability in everyday life and rethink the world.
  • Ideas that overcome Goliath and empower the small guys – as long as the ideas help where they are needed.
  • Ideas that put people first. Through education, challenges and equality we can create a meaningful life, with purposeful jobs.

There is no doubt, that we want what’s best for people and the World as whole. This means that projects and assignments that are characterized by profit maximization, at the expense of the individual and by not keeping its surroundings in mind.

  • Unthinkable ideas are those who don’t care about their surroundings. Whether it’s overconsumption, indifference towards Climate or by using human beings as a replaceable resource.
  • Unthinkable ideas are those that are blinded by profit. Where the hunt for profit makes the employees nothing more than a number and ruins the collaboration by discussing every cent.
  • Unthinkable ideas are those who discriminate against people, were companies rise to the top by stepping on others and where companies are embossed with prejudice.