The short version

Time can be crucial. This is something DAO understand, who are probably Demark’s most flexible delivery service. Not only do they put people at the center, but by being environmentally conscious by riding on electric scooters, use biodiesel and have a goal of being completely CO2-neutral. Their focus on sustainability and the well-being of their employees were the foundation to a long and close partnership and today, we have developed all the software in the phones.

”They provide some of the most trustworthy collaboration I have ever seen.”

Geo-coordinations ensures precision

DAO delivers packets around the clock, even at night while people are sleeping. This means that signatures for receiving the packages aren’t an option, but with our geo-coordination software, we can check the precise location where the package was delivered. This is a software that we have developed in collaboration with Bladkompagniet, which afterwards is adjusted to DAOs needs. Together, we continuously develop software and when the Corona pandemic created new needs, we quickly developed a new system for handling delivery to and pick-up locations.

DAO quote....
”The developers take a huge amount of ownership and delivers high quality, and they are so great at giving input and challenging solutions.”

Fulltime developers in Pakistan

DAO has a team of 4 fulltime developers on long-term contracts in Pakistan who have built and continuously develop the systems DAO uses. Apart from the economic benefits, DAO underlines the quality of the developers in Pakistan and the difficulty of finding equally talented developers in Denmark.

One of many reasons is the fact that our colleagues in Pakistan solely work for you and know your company by heart. The level of ownership they display is out of this world and they are always ready with inputs, and challenge solutions, so the project is the best fit.

DAO had their own project manager and direct access to Pakistan, who made sure it was an iterative development process, with the developers having a fresh mock-up, ready for live-testing, the day after a feedback meeting. Our collaboration has now evolved, longer than first anticipated, but it is hard not to collaborate when we love to develop together.

Are we a good match ?

We want to make the world a better place, and we want as many as possible to join our mission, by helping companies to be their very best self – also for their surroundings. Are you our next partner?